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Feeding October 31, 2016


Adrian Cheng’s shocking treatment by Woolies came at the most exciting time of his life.

HE’S been a loyal Woolworths customer since his youth when he worked at the supermarket check-out, but Adrian Cheng’s allegiance has come to an end.

And it’s a slap in the face from the retailer during what should be a celebratory time that has severed the Sydney dad’s loyalty.

After deciding to give online shopping a whirl, Mr Cheng was left shocked and humiliated when Woolworths banned him from its platform — all because he placed an order for four tins of baby formula.

As the proud father of a newborn baby boy, he thought he would try out the convenience of ordering online, rather than carrying heavy tins of formula home in the rain.

Not only was Mr Cheng’s account suspended, but when he followed up with Woolworths’ customer service team, they refused to budge.

“I emailed them back asking ‘why did you ban me?’” he told news.com.au.

“They called me the next day and said ‘potentially you might have had multiple accounts … We believe you may have committed fraud’.”

Mr Cheng could not help but wonder if it was his Chinese surname that raised a red flag.

It’s not the first time Woolworths has been accused of discrimination over its baby formula sales.

In December, news.com.au revealed signs taped to the supermarket’s shelves gave a two-can limit in Mandarin, with an identical notice in English stating that the limit was four cans.

A Woolworths spokesman said this had been due to an unfortunate error.

Woolworths has struggled to keep its shelves stocked with baby formula as grey market exports boom.Source:Supplied

Upset and offended by Woolies’ handling of his matter, Mr Cheng posted on Facebook:

“Not even the courtesy of a phone call to validate the order, just an email cancellation and customer service telling me to write a email so they can ‘validate’ my claims.

“I’ve always had such fierce loyalty growing up working for them, and growing the shares first issued to me, this is more than a slap in the face.”

Mr Cheng said he felt ashamed of the bad publicity surrounding the profiteering behaviour over baby formula and bitter at how it affected parents.

“This affects legitimate people who need to provide for their children.”

The supermarkets’ struggle to keep shelves stocked with the product dubbed “white gold” has been widely publicised, as have the action of some customers of Chinese heritage who have been spotted clearing out supermarket shelves.

With suppliers unable to keep up with overseas demand, some customers with connections in China have been snapping up as many tins as they can get their hands on.

These “grey market” exporters buy the product in bulk from supermarkets, package them in the backrooms of courier companies and souvenir shops, and ship them to China where they can be marked up by as much as 400 per cent.

A man walks past Chinese courier company Chang Jiang on Swanston Street in Melbourne with a box of baby formula, which the firm packages and sends to China.Source:News Corp Australia

China’s demand for Australian infant formula has skyrocketed since 2008, when melamine contamination in China’s local products killed six babies and made 300,000 seriously ill.

With Chinese parents willing to pay $100 a can for the “clean and green” Australian product, grey market exports have led to shortages that affect availability for local parents, with the supermarkets struggling to enforce their maximum limits of two to four cans.

But while Mr Cheng understands this difficulty, he does not see why honest customers like himself should be singled out.

And, as a Woolworths loyalty card holder, he argued the retailer should have enough data about his past transactions to know that he is legitimate.

“I get emails when Golden Gaytimes are on special,” he said, as an indication of how well the company knows his shopping habits.

The Australian-born professional said he had grown accustomed to receiving suspicious stares while buying formula at his local Chemist Warehouse, but usually tried to shrug it off.

“When you walk out with two cans, everyone’s looking at you,” he said.

He’s now ready to rip up his rewards card and bypass his former supermarket of choice.

Meanwhile, two other families have come forward with similar stories to Mr Cheng.

Sydney’s Reginald Dong said he also tried to buy four tins of baby formula on the Woolworths website, but his order was cancelled.

“I rang Woolworth online and the customer service guy could not explain the reason but just said I’d breached the term and conditions,” Mr Dong said.

When he asked which terms and conditions he had broken, he said, the staff member “couldn’t answer”.

“I have a 16-months-old baby at home needs to be fed, and I understand the situation happening here, but I feel I did nothing wrong. I ordered four tins, which they advised online is the limit.”

And in a separate incident, news.com.au reader Sarah Kong had her account blocked after ordering four cans online.

Mrs Kong detailed her complaint in a post on the Woolworths Facebook page on January 3, which she said received no response.

A Woolworths spokesman promised that the retailer’s customer service team would contact Mr Cheng to “have the matter resolved quickly”.

“Woolworths is trying to manage our supplies of baby formula for our online customers given the issues with supply and high demand,” the spokesman said in a statement.

“In some cases, we suspend accounts pending a confirmation that the order fits within our terms and conditions.

“In this case it seems the customer has had a poor experience and Woolworths apologises for this.”

News.com.au has alerted Woolworths to the cases of Mr Dong and Mrs Kong.

Shoppers are buying up baby formula to send to China sparking a shortage of the powder. Courtesy Seven News

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7 Things no one ever tells you about baby formula – SheKnows.com

Uncategorized October 31, 2016


When you’re attempting to settle on this important choice between infant equation and bosom drain, a choice that child rearing specialists and pediatricians claim will influence your infant for whatever remains of his life (no weight!), it realizes that there is one and only right …

Bethany Ramos is an editorial manager, blogger, and chick lit creator. Bethany functions as Editor in Chief for Naturally Healthy Publications.

Equation encouraging as opposed to breastfeeding is the immense child rearing civil argument that is not liable to pass on at any point in the near future. Each mother with another child at the boob requests to know: Which is better?

Apologies, however that is a trap address. You’ve recently been tricked. The right answer lies some place between “equation is detestable” and “bosom is ideal.” Formula is not what might as well be called sustaining your child rodent harm, yet it’s not impeccable either. Breastfeeding can give a considerable number of medical advantages, demonstrated by science, yet concentrates likewise demonstrate that a significant number of these advantages might be exaggerated.

When you’re attempting to settle on this significant choice between infant equation and bosom drain, a choice that child rearing specialists and pediatricians claim will influence your infant for whatever remains of his life (no weight!), it realizes that there is one and only right choice for you. Get your work done, read the exploration, check child equation fixing marks and settle on a decision that works best for you and your family.

What’s lost in the “bosom is ideal” crusade is more data on infant recipe. Most mothers bashful far from equation sustaining or notwithstanding supplementing on the grounds that they simply don’t know enough about it. Doctor’s facilities are demonstrating their inclination by offering less free infant recipe to new mothers than at any other time. So where are you going to get this adjusted data about equation sustaining?

In case you’re a mother who has inquiries and requirements answers to settle on an educated choice, this article is for you. This is what nobody is letting you know — the great, the terrible and the in the middle of about infant recipe.

This is an exemplary child equation old spouses’ story that numerous mothers still swear by: Supplement your bosom drain with some infant recipe (or switch out and out) and that chunk may very well stay asleep for the entire evening, at long last. Specialists say newborn child crabbiness has been connected to breastfeeding. At the point when researchers from the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge watched 300 3-month-old children, they found that equation nourished infants cried less and were simpler to put to rest.

More: 10 Mom-endorsed tips to get lay down with another child at home

One of the greatest advantages of breastfeeding is the way it can impact an infant’s internal environment, otherwise known as a child’s gut wellbeing, from birth. Having different gut microorganisms can give incalculable medical advantages including more grounded insusceptibility and a decreased danger of malady. What does this need to do with child equation, you inquire? Researchers are continually searching for an approach to improve equation. Scientists found that this bosom drain gut-microbes advantage, which is significant for a solid child, could be utilized as a model to plan better infant recipe — potentially filling in as a pre-and probiotic to enhance gut wellbeing.

Before you cull that container of recipe off the rack, pause for a minute to peruse the mark. Most mothers are shocked to find that numerous customary infant recipes contain large amounts of high fructose corn syrup. Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., restorative counseling board part for the Nutritional Magnesium Association, says, “Numerous business child recipes utilize high fructose corn syrup, ingraining a sweet tooth in infants before they cut their first teeth.” For more data, counsel Processed-Free America’s useful manual for picking the most secure infant equation.

Claim to fame equations, similar to soy recipes prescribed for infants adversely affected by cow’s drain, can be harder on a child’s digestive framework than numerous guardians figure it out. “Soy recipe is entirely hard to process and brimming with plant estrogens that might be dangerous for babies, particularly guys,” clarifies Dr. Senior member. On the off chance that your child appears to be particular and blocked up, consider changing to a sans soy mark or approach your specialist for hypoallergenic equation proposals.

More: Bottle versus bosom: Does how we bolster our infants truly matter?

Much the same as you brush your teeth after a healthy supper, equation bolstering guardians need to recall to wipe down a child’s mouth after a major feast, says Dr. Greg Cumberford. Dr. Cumberford, a dental practitioner who gives free dentistry to youngsters in a versatile transport dental program, clarifies that since numerous business recipes contain sugar, it’s perilous for this sweet drain to sit on an infant’s teeth for a really long time. He prompts, “What I prescribe to guardians is wipe the infant’s teeth and gums clean with a delicate wet washcloth, start brushing your tyke’s teeth with kids’ toothpaste when his or her teeth come in, floss the teeth and have consistent dental checkups — the primary checkup ought to be at 1-year-old.”

Today, we helpfully stir up a jug with a scoop of powder like it’s no major ordeal. Be that as it may, this idea of “counterfeit bolstering” with a substance other than bosom drain can be followed back to old times. Elective techniques for jug encouraging can be found in chronicled content from the Roman period to the Renaissance. Path back when, individuals were attempting to get their children bolstered when breastfeeding didn’t work out for some reason (a mother passed on in labor, for instance). Far before the container was ever developed, earthenware pots with spouts were utilized to bolster babies and were likewise found in newborn children’s graves. When the Industrial Revolution moved around, container nourishing was an acknowledged standard and hygienic cleansing techniques were put into practice. Whenever you go to make a container, acknowledge that it is so natural to get a jar of recipe at the market: If you lived in sixteenth to eighteenth century Europe, you may have needed to utilize a pap watercraft to bolster a child who wouldn’t hook — a gadget produced using an empty spoon that encouraged infants bread absorbed drain or water.

There’s somewhat mystery that each new mother soon makes sense of: You don’t need to pick a group. You can ride the fence and supplement recipe to broaden your bosom drain supply or offer yourself a reprieve the length of you damn well please. This pick-a-bit, take-a-little mentality has its advantages: It can give you the best of both universes by advancing breastfeeding life span. College of California San Francisco analysts found that 79 percent of infants who had been given recipe in the primary days of their life, alongside bosom drain, were all the while breastfeeding at three months, contrasted with 42 percent of children who were breastfed solely.

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    When you’re attempting to settle on this important choice between infant equation and bosom drain, a choice that child rearing specialists and pediatricians claim will influence your infant for whatever remains of his life (no weight!), it realizes that there is one and only right … Bethany Ramos is an editorial manager, blogger, and chick […]